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Luxxamed HD2000

The new generation of pain therapy

In the Pain management is our latest development from the company Luxxamed an innovation with the latest hardware and the highest quality. The HD2000 model combines modern design with sustainable quality and scientific testing in practical use. With 15 years of experience The manufacturer can look back on numerous in the field and the predecessor devices Clinic-Master and Vital-Master Studies in the application and the spectrum of action, and has incorporated its findings into the new and improved technology for light therapy let it flow in.

The perfect pain therapy system for clinics, general practitioners and physiotherapists combines the advantages of previous devices with the latest findings from medicine and science. As known from the predecessor Luxxamed HD1000, the HD2000 also works on a computer-controlled basis. The device is equipped with a 15.6 inch multi-touch display and enables intuitive operation. The integration into the practice process can be done in a modern and best possible way. The Luxxamed HD2000 meets the highest quality standards and is complete Made in Germany under the guidelines of ISO 9001 and ISO 13485.

In combination with the medically approved device trolley, treatment in various therapy rooms is easy and possible without any organizational problems. The device itself is easy to transport on the trolley and can be brought into the treatment room where the patient is being treated for light therapy. This new model from Luxxamed is the optimization in pain therapy and combines mobile use with a wide range of applications that have been tested in scientific studies. The simple operation and modern technology, as well as the mobility thanks to the medically approved trolly, allow the device to be used efficiently and optimally in larger practices and clinics.

Priv.-Doz. Dr. med. habil. Rüdiger Schellenberg on therapy with the Luxxamed

The Luxxamed generates weak metabolic potentials via its feedback control in order to influence the processes taking place in the tissue organs or to control them in such a way that the physiological metabolism is achieved. Clinically, this is represented by a reduction in pain and an increase in function. Of course, no new joint is created here, for example, but a metabolism is simulated that otherwise only exists in an intact joint and is therefore associated with freedom from pain.
The Luxxamed differs fundamentally from all other electrical, frequency and resonance therapy systems.

A therapy program is determined individually for the patient, taking into account the respective metabolic state of painful tissue. Healing and regeneration processes can be activated and accelerated. Inflammatory processes (1.3) can be regulated and the lymph circulation activated. The immune system can be strengthened and the metabolic equilibrium is reached more quickly. The pain relief is initiated.

Dr. med. univ. Vlastimil Voracek, Orthopedist, Davis – Cup + Fed. – Cup doctor CZ, Memmingen 2013

The Luxxamed HD2000 is an approved medical device of risk class 2a.