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Therapy monitoring and therapy planning

Intelligent therapy monitoring

Through the intelligent patient management, the doctor / therapist has the possibility to monitor the course of treatment and plan the therapy for the patient. All data of the patient and the therapy are stored by Luxxamed. In the patient database you can trace back at any time which therapies have already been carried out via a search function and the individual sorting of the patient data. This ensures gapless therapy and patient documentation.

How does therapy monitoring work at Luxxamed?

The HD2000+ from Luxxamed uses cybernetic information processing to analyse metabolic processes and determine an appropriate therapy programme for the patient. A feedback system is used here, which also constantly monitors the correct application of the right therapy parameters during the therapy and automatically adjusts them if necessary.

All information is recorded

For this purpose, he records all treatment measures on the patient and displays them in diagrams. From this, the electrometabolic progress of the tissue can be read. Another unique feature is that the HD2000+ automatically accesses the therapy results of the last sessions in the follow-up treatments, compares them with the current results and thus creates an individual therapy programme for the patient, tailored to the actual condition.