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HD2000+ by Luxxamed - the microcurrent pain therapy system

Cybernetic microcurrent therapy with LED light therapy for doctors, physiotherapists, alternative practitioners and occupational therapists

The HD2000+ from Luxxamed, is a medical microcurrent device developed and produced in Germany for cybernetic microcurrent therapy and coordinated LED light therapy.

Facts HD2000+ at a glance

✅ Areas of application: Acute/chronic pain + neurological complaints.

LED light therapy in addition to microcurrent.

✅ Proven clinical performance.

Economical use in practice

Delegable power

✅ Online training system free of charge for users

CE-marked medical device

FSM module (frequency-specific microcurrent therapy according to FSM by Caroly McMakin possible! Use of own frequency protocols)

Automatic therapy sequence

Measurement and display of tissue impedance values

Facts about the therapy at a glance

✅ Pain regulation/pain therapy “improvement up to 36% after first application[1, 6, 8].

✅ Weighted influence on cell metabolism[10]

✅ Improved lymphatic drainage[3]

✅ Promotion of healing process[9]

✅ Faster regeneration in sports[7]

✅ Reduction of inflammation[5]

✅ Improved blood circulation[7]

✅ Influence on thermodynamic effects in tissues[12]

Since 2000 - Over 20 years of experience

As the successor to the Clinic-Master [2000-2010], HD1000 [2011-2013], HD2000 and HD3000 [2013-2017] microcurrent devices, the HD2000+ represents an overall development from the experience of a good 20 years and the intensive research on microcurrent therapy and LED light therapy.

How does HD2000+ work?

The therapy and effect of the HD2000+ is not to bring about pain dampening, but rather to work on the regulation of the metabolism in order to bring about a clear and rapid effect in movement improvement [1, 5, 6, 9, 11] and simultaneous pain reduction [1, 5, 6,8, 9, 11]!

The unique selling point of the HD2000+ is its ability to work interactively via a software algorithm. In doing so, it is able to tailor therapy individually to the tissue being treated through its electrical parameters.[6, 12]

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CE-marked active medical device

EU Declaration of Conformity (CE marking) of the HD2000+  – PDF-Download

The conformity assessment procedure for CE marking was carried out in accordance with Annex II of Directive 93/42/EEC.

Clinical performance

According to Annex X of the Directive 93/42/EEC, it is mandatory to prove the clinical conductivity within the scope of the “approval" (CE marking). The effectiveness of the HD2000+ has been evaluated according to MEDDEV 2.7.1 rev. 04 and tested by TÜV Nord.

Mobility and stability thanks to state-of-the-art options

The HD2000+ provides its user with a WIFI network for convenient and easy operation via an Apple iPad 12.9″. The therapy unit of the HD2000+ can be quickly removed from the docking station of the equipment cart so that therapy is also available to you on the move!

Follow live' on the iPad the progress of the therapy and the reaction of the tissue[6, 12, 13]. Experience how states in the patient's metabolism change, resulting in a change in pain[1,8] and range of motion[1,8].

Additional function: The LED light therapy

In addition to the therapy cybernetic and frequency-specific micro current, the HD2000+ has a LED light therapy. This form of therapy has been confirmed in its effect by the Fraunhofer Institutes[4].

The effect of LED light therapy unfolds via the absorption of the different wavelengths (colors; red, green, blue) through the patient's skin.

The LED light therapy of the HD2000+ is able to have a influence on interleukins in inflammatory tissue. In a laboratory study by the Fraunhofer Institute, human cell cultures were treated with the LED light therapy over a 20-minute period, resulting in a significant reduction in interleukins IL-6 and IL-8.[4]


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Benefits of LED light therapy in practice.

✅ Muscular trigger points,

✅ acupuncture points,

✅ painful points,

✅ muscle stiffness and

✅ scars

Biocompatible Material

We have focused on the highest legal and quality requirements when selecting materials. Only biocompatible material is used in the HD2000+ light heads. This means that you can apply the light heads directly to the patient's intact skin and disinfect the light heads afterwards. The light heads of the HD2000+ have been tested for biocompatibility in accordance with DIN EN ISO 10993.

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Operation and Software

The operation of the HD2000+ is completely menu-driven. You can use the Apple iPad touchscreen to evaluate therapy results and plan further therapy sessions.

iPad pro 12.9''

Using an Apple iPad makes using the HD2000+ microcurrent system not only quick and easy, but also mobile!

A WIFI (wireless) connection gives you the option of using the HD2000+ on the move. You can access your data via an Apple iPad and create therapies or continue existing ones.

Take advantage of all the benefits that come with an iPad pro with a 12.9" screen. Use the HD2000+ in portrait or horizontal resolution.

At the same time, you can pull the therapy unit of the HD2000+ out of the trolley to perform mobile therapies without the trolley and the panel PC.

Mobile use – docking station

Technical details of the HD2000+

Product name: HD2000+
Product type: Electrotherapy device
Product shape: Equipment trolley + mobile therapy unit.
Material: stainless steel, aluminum, plastic
Protection class housing: IP20
CE marking: CE 0044
MPG classification: Class IIa medical device.
Protection class: 1 with applied parts type BF
Weight with device scalen: max. 50 KG
Weight therapy unit (mobile): 7 KG
Power supply: 230 V AC – 50 Hz
Temperature range in operation: 0°C – 35°C
Relative humidity in operation: 40% – 80% (non-condensing)

4 therapy channels (galvanically isolated with own circuits)

Output current (max.): 1.5 mA per channel
Output voltage (max.) 60 V per channel
Frequency range: 1 to 20000 Hz

2 light channels

Blue – 1280 mcd
Red – 1280 mcd
Green – 5120 mcd
Light output current: 80 mA channel
Output voltage light: 5 V per channel
Frequency light channels: CW – continuous waveform

CE marked - Certified production - Protected!

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