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  • ⚠️ New training video on Software 3.0 available‼️ As of 01.2011 on video >>>
  • ? Ebook Application therapy aids Luxxamed-Mikrostrom Rev. 02, as of 03.2022 DOWNLOAD
  • ? STUDY – PMCF Report 2021 ? NOW available for DOWNLOAD!
  • ? Ebook of microcurrent in genral (Microcurrent Magazine) DOWNLOAD
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Application Examples
Application examples of Luxxamed-Microcurrent and LED-Light therapy by Dr. Voracek, MD

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Metabolic fundamentals
Learn about the metabolic basics of microcurrent therapy in this seminar recording.
HD2000+ Software Vers. 3.0
Software tutorial for the Luxxamed HD2000+ in the software version 3.0
HD2000+ Hardware
Hardware tutorial for the Luxxamed HD2000+
Away from symptoms
Using the Luxxamed microcurrent therapy in a 'systemic' way. Incl. treating reflex-muscles and myofascial triggerpoints.
Basics of Luxxamed microcurrent by Patrick Walitschek, MSc