Application examples of luxxamed microcurrent

Basic application model for the microcurrent therapy and LED-light therapy

Working with microcurrent therapy is very versatile and at the same time offers doctors and therapists a new approach to tissue, metabolism and diseases. In this course, the physician and orthopaedic surgeon Dr. med. univ. Vlastimil Voracek shows you the basics of applying frequency-specific microcurrent and LED light therapy for exemplary orthopaedic diseases.

Dr Voracek is the medical director of Luxxamed GmbH and has been using microcurrent therapy in his practice for over 20 year

Module 1 Application examples
Unit 1 Introduction  
Unit 2 Neck pain  
Unit 3 Baker cyst microcurrent  
Unit 4 Shoulder pain microcurrent therapy  
Unit 5 Back pain microcurrent therapy  
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