Stick electrodes vs. Adhesive electrodes

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Stick electrodes vs. Adhesive electrodes

Or simply a wet towel?

Microcurrent therapy offers a wide range of application possibilities. In this video (also available as a podcast) we take a closer look at the best-known and also the exotic ones.

Of course, we talk about the adhesive electrodes and the rod electrodes, as they have been used in Germany for over 20 years. We will look at the advantages and disadvantages as well as the possible applications. Especially in the case of stick electrodes and also the applications with 'wet' towels, we also look into the world of standards and regulations, because not all procedures available and known on the market are as safe or even permitted without further ado.

At the end, we draw a conclusion and give a small outlook on how important the correct medical and therapeutic objective is and which application options can be used.

YouTube-Video Microcurrent Electrodes