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Reflex muscle 💪🏻 – thoracic diaphragm


The thoracic diaphragm is the largest reflex muscle (!! not the largest muscle). Its fascial connections have an influence from Th3/4 to L2/3. The importance of the thoracic diaphragm in respiration, circulation, organ function and biomechanics are very wide-ranging.
It is partly responsible for maintaining and balancing the pressure conditions in the abdomen and thorax and thus has an influence, including on vital body functions.
Tone regulation of the reflex muscles was quickly achieved in the past with microcurrent 🔋 and the rod electrodes 🥢 (unfortunately, these are no longer approved from the point of view of electrical safety). However, the same result can also be achieved with LED light therapy 🔴🟢🔵.


‼️ In our courses (also online as video course) we train and explain the therapy of reflex muscles with microcurrent and LED light therapy. ‼️
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