Regeneration in sport and performance increase

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Regeneration in sport and performance increase

The Luxxamed therapy is able to increase ATP production by up to 500%. At the same time, protein synthesis improves by up to 73% and membrane transport between 30% and 40%.

„During incubation, the intracellular specific radioactivity in the total free glycine pool determined after amino acid analysis of the homogenized tissue amounted to 0.035 µCi/µmol. 11 The [2-14 C] glycine incorporation into the skin proteins was significantly stimulated by a constant electric current varying from 10 µA to 1000 µA. The highest stimulatory effects were obtained with 50 µA to 1000 µA, with glycine incorporation increased by as much as 75% compared with nontreated controls. Higher current intensities, exceeding 1000 µA, inhibited the protein synthesis by as much as 50% with currents of 15,000 µA. An analogous pattern was obtained when the α-[l-14 C]aminoisobutyric acid uptake through the cell membrane was examined. Constant currents from 100 µA to 500 µA increased the transported amino acid analog by 30%-40% above control levels. Stimulation with higher intensities reduced the α-aminoisobutyric acid uptake.“ (CHENG et al., 1982, S. 3)

What does ATP do in our body?

ATP, adenosine triphosphate, is a universal and readily available source of energy for human metabolism and cells. ATP is needed for numerous processes in the cells, such as every muscle contraction and the regeneration and healing process in the body. Without ATP, humans would only survive for a few seconds. (Wikipedia, 2018)

The production or synthesis of ATP basically takes place in two areas.

aearob: That means oxidative with the consumption of oxygen
anaerobic: This means the formation of ATP without the consumption of oxygen

In the aerobic energy supply carbohydrates and fats are burned. The ingredients become carbon dioxide and water, respectively. In the case of the burning of glucose (carbohydrates) by the Glykogenabbau and with the burning of fat by the Lipolyse, thus the fat splitting.

In the anaerobic region, the high-energy phosphates, ATP and creatine phosphate are cleaved, resulting in an alactazide energy supply. In the case of incomplete combustion of glucose, lactate is formed, which is then a lactic acid energy supply (Moosburger, 2018)

What is Luxxamed doing in the field of regeneration?

Microcurrent therapy has been shown in one study to provide subjects with significant protection against muscle soreness at all times within the study. The VAS of the subjects was measured in the study. Here, the subjects were trained in a seated leg curl machine. 5 sets of 15 repetitions each. After training, subjects were treated with microcurrent for 20 minutes, but only on one leg! Nevertheless, both legs were trained. The microcurrent application was performed blinded. Two identical microcurrent devices were used, but only one of them actually delivered power and therapy. It was now measured on VAS (visual analog scale) how high the subjects classify the pain of muscle soreness. The differences were significant. After 48 hours, the subjects stated that they experienced a muscle pain averaging 1.3 on the VAS in the treated leg. The untreated leg, however, averaged 7.0 on the VAS. This shows the clear effect of micro-current therapy in muscle pain and at the same time in a significantly reduced regeneration time. (Curtis, Fallows, Morris & McMakin, 2011)

15% more aerobic performance through therapy

In 2009 we conducted an experiment with the predecessor model of the Luxxamed devices, the Clinic Master professional. Together with a team of sports scientists, the professional boxer Robert Stieglitz was treated with the Clinic Master professional. Performance diagnostics were performed using lactate diagnostics and spirometry.

The therapy was used before the training and competition with the program ‘Stimulation’ and for the improvement of the regeneration was worked after the training with the program ‘Regeneration’.

The result was captivating! Not only did Robert Stieglitz become world super middleweight champion, it was also shown that the application of the therapy increased the aerobic threshold by up to 15%.

The Bildzeitung wrote then: “Sensation World Champion”; the Handelsblatt: “hell-tempo”

Therapy with the Luxxamed can thus not only help patients with acute and chronic pain successfully, but also make a demonstrably effective contribution in the area of sports, regeneration and stimulation.


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