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BCR Therapy – Biological Cell Regulation


BCR-thearpy describes the way of therapy with microcurrent. The term was coined as a brand name in 2006. At that time, the Clinic-Master and Vital-Master were the microcurrent device in Germany and Europe. Used thousands of times in doctors’ surgeries, physiotherapies and naturopathic practices, the Clinic-Master and its ‘little brother’ Vital-Master set the standard for microcurrent therapy. Studies such as Rockstroh et al. (2010) provided clinical proof in a ranodmised patient-masked clinical trial to boot.

How did the acronym BCR therapy come about?


In 2006, the first conceptual ideas about microcurrent therapy emerged. This meant that the interaction of a microcurrent device with specific training around the device itself (microcurrent device as a tool) can get even more out of therapy (BCR therapy). A special training concept for BCR therapy with microcurrent was developed on this basis. Away from the symptom, towards the system’ was born. The use of microcurrent in the reflex muscle system, combination with manual therapy and special detoxification and deacidification concepts were taught in courses and training.


The ‘re-design’ of BCR therapy started in 2011 with the introduction of the first cybernetic microcurrent therapy with LED light therapy in the Luxxamed HD1000. Through automatic parameterisation of the active parameters in the microcurrent, it was possible to provide more targeted therapy. A continuous further development of the Luxxamed microcurrent devices also had the consequence that the training concepts of the BCR therapy were adapted to the new technical possibilities.

Thus, BCR therapy is now a concept for the optimal use of microcurrent and LED light therapy for acute and chronic complaints. Although the microcurrent devices are highly efficient and effective therapy systems, the human factor remains an essential component in the therapy. The correct use and understanding of the effective parameters (current strength, voltage, frequency, polarity, resistance) are an elementary component for successful therapy with microcurrent.

Since 2018, the training courses in BCR therapy have not only been offered in the form of face-to-face seminars, but also as online training. This makes microcurrent therapy users even more flexible, and larger therapy facilities and clinics in particular can offer their employees an optimal training concept.



Rockstroh, G., Schleicher, W. & Krummenauer, F. (2010). The benefit of microcurrent therapy applied during inpatient follow-up rehabilitation in patients after implantation of total knee arthroplasty – a randomised clinical trial. Rehabilitation [Effectiveness of Microcurrent Therapy as a Constituent of Post-Hospital Rehabilitative Treatment in Patients after Total Knee Alloarthroplasty – A Randomized Clinical Trial], 49(03 // 3), 173-179. https://doi.org/10.1055/s-0029-1246152





BCR-Therapie, Mikrostrom, Luxxamed ‘Basis-Seminar’

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