Peripheral circulatory disorders

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Peripheral circulatory disorders

Luxxamed helps improve blood circulation through the use of microcurrent in peripheral circulatory disorders and reduces pain in the case of neuropathic pain (Park et al., 2011).


“Peripheral circulatory disorders with pain of both heels, 67-year-old male patient, 1st treatment with Luxxamed and LED therapy.” (Schellenberg, 2018)

Park et al. (2011) showed the significant effect of microcurrent in diabetics with neuropathic pain in the feet. They found that the pain in the patients was decreasing very rapidly and the blood flow was also improving. (Park et al., 2011, p. 517)

The simplicity of the application of the therapy is shown by Park et al. (2011), in the fact that this form of pain therapy takes little time and can avoided by improving the circulation, ulceration of the feet. (Park et al., 2011, p. 518)


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