Health Kongress Bernau Germany

Luxxamed and microcurrent explained in a nutshellAt the first health congress in Bernau in the Black Forest, Luxxamed GmbH was able to present what the Luxxamed therapy and the therapy with microcurrent are and what applications are possible. The congress was administered by the naturopathic practice Linda Knab from

Author: Patrick Walitschek, MSc | Published: 12.08.2018

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Peripheral circulatory disorders

Peripheral circulatory disordersLuxxamed helps improve blood circulation through the use of microcurrent in peripheral circulatory disorders and reduces pain in the case of neuropathic pain (Park et al., 2011).“Peripheral circulatory disorders with pain of both heels, 67-year-old male patient, 1st treatment with Luxxamed and LED therapy.” (Schellenberg, 2018)Park et

Author: Patrick Walitschek, MSc | Published: 17.02.2018

Categories: articles,Luxxamed,microcurrent