Luxxamed in arthrofibrosis

Luxxamed in arthrofibrosis How Luxxamed can help with arthrofibrosis In arthrofibrosis there is a pathological increase of connective tissue cells, the fibrocytes. This process is triggered by inflammatory processes in the tissue. Often, arthrofibrosis is a complication of surgery. Many cases after a reconstruction of the anterior cruciate ligament. A derivation

Author: Patrick Walitschek | Published: 29.06.2018

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Luxxamed in Neurology

Luxxamed in Neurology Based on the experiences of physiotherapist Inge Metag, Kiel. 2008-2010 All diseases that are associated with neurological symptoms are complex events with different presence of individual symptoms. Thus, not only individual differences determine the course and thus non-identical approaches in therapy the nature of the disease and the

Author: Patrick Walitschek | Published: 13.05.2018

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Regeneration in sport and performance increase

Regeneration in sport and performance increase The Luxxamed therapy is able to increase ATP production by up to 500%. At the same time, protein synthesis improves by up to 73% and membrane transport between 30% and 40%. „During incubation, the intracellular specific radioactivity in the total free glycine pool determined after

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Experience with microcurrent and Luxxamed “I first had contact with micro current therapy in 1994. The technical specifications of the devices were banal compared to the technology available today. But still impressive in terms of the results of the therapy. With the now available ‘HD’ device technology a very targeted

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Peripheral circulatory disorders

Peripheral circulatory disorders Luxxamed helps improve blood circulation through the use of microcurrent in peripheral circulatory disorders and reduces pain in the case of neuropathic pain (Park et al., 2011). “Peripheral circulatory disorders with pain of both heels, 67-year-old male patient, 1st treatment with Luxxamed and LED therapy.” (Schellenberg, 2018) Park et

Author: Patrick Walitschek | Published: 17.02.2018

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