Experiences Luxxamed by physiotherapist Matthias Rother

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Experience with microcurrent and Luxxamed

“I first had contact with micro current therapy in 1994. The technical specifications of the devices were banal compared to the technology available today. But still impressive in terms of the results of the therapy. With the now available ‘HD’ device technology a very targeted therapy is possible, traceable and controllable by documentation of each therapy session. By regulating the metabolism of dysfunctional, diseased, injured cell structures, one realizes a ‘healing’ effect. The application possibilities are almost unlimited. The mode of operation with micro current therapy can be integrated into virtually any other manual or other therapy concept. For me, unbeatable and indispensable in my therapeutic life. Definitely worth mentioning is the available nanophoton therapy. Easy to use and highly effective. I usually use them in combination with the micro-current application. This additionally potentiates their mode of action. The wavelengths of light used here have even more direct access to the body cells. Because: The respiratory chain in the cells, means ATP synthesis is lightwave modulated. This is an explanation for the high effectiveness of this therapy. Microstrom plus nanophotons are indispensable tools for my daily work. The patients always benefit from it. If this is not achieved, there are really only two possible explanations: I as a therapist have overlooked something or misjudged, or there is a device defect. The latter has never happened to me with Luxxamed devices, the former – very rare. ”

Matthias Rother, physiotherapist; 10.2017