Luxxamed in arthrofibrosis

Luxxamed in arthrofibrosisHow Luxxamed can help with arthrofibrosisIn arthrofibrosis there is a pathological increase of connective tissue cells, the fibrocytes. This process is triggered by inflammatory processes in the tissue. Often, arthrofibrosis is a complication of surgery. Many cases after a reconstruction of the anterior cruciate ligament. A derivation

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Luxxamed in Neurology

Luxxamed in NeurologyBased on the experiences of physiotherapist Inge Metag, Kiel. 2008-2010All diseases that are associated with neurological symptoms are complex events with different presence of individual symptoms. Thus, not only individual differences determine the course and thus non-identical approaches in therapy the nature of the disease and the

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Behandlungsbericht Physiotherapie

Treatment example back painShort treatment report of a physiotherapeutic practice“Tuesday slight back pain. Wednesday only on ‘all fours’ the opportunity to get out of bed. Thursday and Friday, the pain has already gotten a little better, yet severe pain and restricted mobility. On Friday, the first Luxxamed therapy with

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Bone marrow edema treatment

Bone marrow edema treatmentPatient, male, 50 years, 15.11.2017no trauma, sudden onset of thigh and groin pain left, X-ray: slight hip dysplasia, arthritis 1 °.Diagnosis: BME of the femoral head and the left femoral neck (transient osteoporosis) with insufficiency fractures, occult pertrochanteric fracture, articular effusion.Therapy: micro-based cybernetic BCR therapy Luxxamed,

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