Bone marrow edema treatment

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Bone marrow edema treatment

Patient, male, 50 years, 15.11.2017

no trauma, sudden onset of thigh and groin pain left, X-ray: slight hip dysplasia, arthritis 1 °.

Diagnosis: BME of the femoral head and the left femoral neck (transient osteoporosis) with insufficiency fractures, occult pertrochanteric fracture, articular effusion.

Therapy: micro-based cybernetic BCR therapy Luxxamed, partial loading on UA crutches, AU



Result after 11 weeks of therapy

Bone density measurement QCT LWS: 96.1 mg / ml, osteopenia

after 11 weeks of therapy: 31.01.2018

Result: Largely normalized bone marrow with small remaining edema zone lateroventral (not visible in the picture), no joint effusion




Only temporary muscular pain, further increasing strain on the hip, hip end-moderately slightly restricted mobility.



The therapy was carried out and the case study provided by Dr. med. med. univ. Vlastimil Voracek, Specialist in Orthopedics, Memmingen Germany, 31.01.2018