Behandlungsbericht Physiotherapie

Treatment example back pain

Short treatment report of a physiotherapeutic practice

“Tuesday slight back pain. Wednesday only on ‘all fours’ the opportunity to get out of bed. Thursday and Friday, the pain has already gotten a little better, yet severe pain and restricted mobility. On Friday, the first Luxxamed therapy with the HD2000 + was carried out. Completely symptom-free after the first and only treatment, as if nothing had ever happened “

Treatment report of a physiotherapeutic practice in Heidelberg, 09.02.2018




The course of the therapy clearly shows the change in the C channel (yellow). This has remained stable at about 100 during the scan. In therapy, this dropped to below 40, which is a clear reaction. From this an explanation should be deduced why the therapy in this case has struck so quickly and effectively. The same can also be transferred to the B channel (blue). This was around 39 during the scan and around 70 after therapy.

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